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Re: Setting up a Build System for ARMEL packages

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 10:30:35PM -0500, Jeff Hoogland wrote:
> Howdy All,
> I was wondering what is the best way to set up for building ARMEL packages?
> I've got an N900 and I've got an Android tablet in the mail - it is simplest
> to just build on those systems themselves or will it be better in the long
> run to get some sort of build system going on my plain old laptop?
> I've spent the last couple days trying to get a QEMU working but kept
> running into various road blocks. I finally got a chroot ARM environment
> setup with QEMU, however when I try to run *dpkg-depcheck -d* I get and
> strace failure and a QEMU failure message.

This command won't work for a cross-environment either, naturally. Why
do you need to run it? Anything else that doesn't work there?

Anyway, you can create a Debian chroot on the N900, ssh into it, and
build there. It has a reasonably large disk. Not sure about that
Android tablet, but I heard you can run a Linux chroot on Android as

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