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Debian installer for Buffalo LS Live (LS-CHL) and Mini (LS-WSGL)

This is an update regarding Debian support for the Linkstation Live
(LS-CHL) and the Linkstation Mini (LS-WSGL): all of the changes have
been integrated into Debian unstable and Debian installer should work
on these devices now.  However, a script will be needed to install Debian
installer from the original firmware.  This script for the regular
Linkstation Pro/Live needs to be adapted for LS-CHL/LS-WSGL; see
for the Pro/Live script.  Hopefully you can test this script and tell
me of any changes that are needed.

You can find the installer image here:

Please only try this if you have a serial console.

For reference, the following changes were made.
 kernel (#590105): LS-CHL/LS-WSGL supported in 2.6.32 in squeeze, 2.6.37
                   in d-i and 2.6.38 in unstable.
 libdebian-installer (#612168): LS-CHL/LS-WSGL supported in squeeze and
 flash-kernel (612167): LS-CHL/LS-WSGL supported in unstable but not in
                        squeeze (stable).
 oldsys-preseed (616326): same as flash-kernel.
 debian-installer: generate images for LS-CHL/LS-WSGL; done in unstable

Note: I'm not planning to backport the flash-kernel/oldsys-preseed changes
to squeeze (stable).

Finally, someone needs to update the documentation on various wikis to
point to the correct images.  Please put in a big fat warning that people
cannot just use the Pro/Live image when they don't have a Pro/Live.

Martin Michlmayr

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