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vyatta on arm


I am trying to build the vyatta router software for the armel arch. Vyatta as 
you probably know is based on Debian. It's not a recompiled Debian like 
Ubuntu; it has Debian packages with Vyatta specific software as extras. I am 
practically done but along the way I've had some problems creating an 

I am working on a OpenRD Ultimate on which I installed Debian following Martin 
Michlmayr's instructions. I then completed the build environment for Vyatta 
and made adjustments as necessary.

For some reason, in order to finally build it, I had to hard code the kernel 
version in lb_chroot_hacks line 171. The original line calls update-initramfs 
with -k all. Even in the chroot that command returns "Nothing to do".

This is obviously not ideal. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out 
what I am missing.

Thanks in advance.


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