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notes to help with ghc6 armhf port

   I see from ArmHardFloatTodo that ghc6 is waiting to be ported.  I
did this for armel and append the notes I made for my own benefit
while doing it, in case someone want to try this.



Porting GHC to Debian armel

ghc6 cannot be autobuilt because it requires itself to build itself.

There are other haskell systems in Debian:
the nhc98 compiler and the hugs interpreter.

Versions in Debian:
nhc98 - only in sarge
ghc6 - etch:6.6-3 lenny/sid:6.6.1-2

There are two kinds of ghc ports:
- unregistered builds which are not optimised for the target CPU
- registered builds, which know about the registers available on the machine
  and some assembly language constructs so that the "Evil Mangler" script can
  edit the output assembly language giving a factor of two speed increase.

The current Debian arm port seems to be an "unregistered build",
i.e. a half-finished port that generates code that runs at half speed.


- Cross-compile a new unregistered build via intermediate .hc files,
  and install it under /usr/local

  The process is described in
  See also
  and replies

  - the GHC machine type arm-unknown-linux seems ok for arm-*-linux-gnueabi.

  - Once source tarball is unpacked:
        chmod 755 distrib/{hc-build,fake-happy}

  - at "make hc-file-bundle Project=ghc" on the host system it complains about
    missing files. Can fix all but one with:
    $ cd <H>/rts
    $ make AutoApply_thr_p.hc AutoApply_thr_debug.hc AutoApply_thr.hc
  - while building, two .hc files are missing:
    $ cd <H>/libraries/Cabal
    $ make cabal-setup/{CabalSetup,Setup}.hc
    $ cp -p !$ <T>/libraries/Cabal/cabal-setup/

  - On the target system, install all of ghc6's builddeps *except* xsltproc,
    because this is required for documentation only and makes a 64MB machine
    thrash.  Without it, the configure script just turns off building of

Problems building bootstrap compiler:

  - make -C libraries all:
        The build of cabal-setup fails because Setup.o is missing from the
        compile line. copy and paste and rerun that line.
  - make -C compiler all:
        gcc -x c parser/Parser.hc -o stage1/parser/Parser.o ...
        needs 121MB VM, unlikely to fit on a 128MB box with no swap.
        Removing -O doesn't help.
        Use a 247MB QEMU or enable some swap.

- build the debian ghc6 using the local compiler and with all builddeps except
  ghc6 installed (dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -d)
  (dpkg-buildpackage -B gets you nowhere: all packages are arch-dependent)

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