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Re: How to upgrade old abi lenny to squeeze

On 3 April 2011 12:52, brian <briandorling@t-online.de> wrote:
> On 04/01/2011 06:56 AM, Gordon Farquharson wrote:
>> Based on my experience, I think that you'd make better use of your
>> time by installing armel lenny and then upgrading to squeeze. If
>> anything, it will certainly encourage you to make notes about how you
>> customized your system (if you haven't already).
> So, you suggest to install armel Lenny and then upgrade to squeeze on armel.
> Seems Martin also has a squeeze image ready for NSLU2, why not just install
> that? I guess either way I will need to reinstall everything anyway.
> Maybe I'm missing something.

Well, , the upgrade takes about 48 hours on a slow ARM box and
(worse!) involves you having to poke the console every now and then
for a good number of those hours, responding to configuration
questions and "should I really restart these daemons" boxes.
If you choose to do a fresh installation anyway you may as well go
straight for squeeze.


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