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Re: nslu2 unstable upgrade broke boot

I too am having no success at getting sid to boot on nslu2 with (debian stock) kernels 2.6.37 and beyond.  I know/believe that a number of things happened between 2.6.32 and 2.6.37 including:
- some kind of change around sda devices, making UUID= or LABEL= parameters even more advisable in fstab
- relegation of "all" non-free firmware to separate packages in non-free

However, I've had no luck despite trying
- several physical slugs
- changing fstab to use UUID or LABEL
- kernels 2.6.37-1, 2.6.37-2, 2.6.38-1

OTOH, I can boot with 2.6.32-5 (upslug2'd, taken from Martin's squeeze tar-ball method) using my up-to-date-at-30-Mar sid rootfs, and then things like busybox work perfectly well.

Two questions:
(1) has anyone managed to get any 2.6.37 or 2.6.38 kernel running on a slug?
(2) is it possible that some piece of non-free firmware (eg as with the installer, for the ethernet adaptor) is no longer in the kernel from 2.6.37 on, and we must install that firmware separately to get it into the initramsfs?

Any other help/suggestions gratefully received - I'm banging my head here.


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