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Re: Porting Debian to the Excito B3

Le mercredi 26 janvier 2011, Matthew Palmer a écrit :
> You may get some ideas of things that need to be done from a lengthy blog
> article I wrote about my experiences porting d-i to the DNS-323:
> http://hezmatt.org/~mpalmer/blog/general/porting_d-i_to_the_dns_323.html

Nice, thank you. This confirms what I think I shall have to do.

Now, I have questions about the machine id. In flash-kernel, this is a
number that is prepended to the kernel before creating the uImage. For
instance, for "Buffalo Linkstation Pro/Live":
    # Set machine id 1585 (0x0631)
    devio > "$tmpdir/kernel" 'wl 0xe3a01c06,4' 'wl 0xe3811031,4
    cat "$kfile" >> "$tmpdir/kernel"
    mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x00008000 \
            -e 0x00008000 -n "$desc" -d "$tmpdir/kernel" \
            "$tmpdir/uImage.buffalo" >&2 1>/dev/null
    mv "$tmpdir/uImage.buffalo" /boot/

If I got it correctly, this machine id is used by the kernel to know
what hardware it is running on, to drive the peripherals correctly, I

Though devio does not seem to be documented very well, I think this
created "$tmpdir/kernel", putting some bytes at its beginning. I have
some questions about that:
1. Why using devio at all, would not it be easier to use echo?
2. How can such a kernel, prepended with some bytes, be
   bootable at all, as this shifts its entry point and all its data?
3. Where are these machine ids defined in the kernel? I hope Excito B3
   are already known…

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