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Re: E-sata sheevaplug with problems ( HD , e-sata controller, e-sata cable, HD box, Which of these is the cause ? )

Am 21.01.2011 um 17:53 schrieb "Samuele Bianchi" <pizzulicchio@mail2web.com>:

ANd now my question: Is my HD at the end of life?
I'm using it with a very low quality external 2.5" esata box ( exactly an Scythe Kamazo 2 ESATA-USB2.0 )
Although this would seem the most logical conclusion i'm sure that the problem isn't my hd.

I too have been using the newest squeeze kernel w/o any problems. My 2.5" Seagate E-Sata disk has been recognized with a 3GBs interface and presently has decent r/w bandwidth. No errors, no known glitches. So I do think the kernel and debian are working properly.

I have try do do a full minimal reinstall of the system using another disk and the problem occurs after some minutes.. with the same errors into the logs
At this point i have reconfigured u-boot for making boot from USB instead of E-SATA and using my old disk with the same box ( connected via USB NOT WITH E-SATA )
NO ERRORS into kernel.log

What are the possible causes? ( it was powerd on from 6 - 8 mounth )
1) The e-sata cable is gone? ( unlikely )
2) The external box esata's electronic has gone but USB's electronic not? ( maybe )
3) The e-sata controller of my sheevaplug is gone? [ maybe but i hope now :-( ]
4) A kernel Bug ? ( i hope YES so I can put my soul in peace, but NO for the good of debain arm community/work )
ANY idea?

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