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Unidentified subject!

I wonder what the groups experience has been with low power drives under Linux 
on the nslu2?  I see there are a lot of complaints about the WD Cavier Green 
drives on all OS's but others seem to have no problems. I want a drive that runs 
cool, draws 

less power, and does not require a cooling fan.  64G would be fine but I know 
that 500G is probably a minimum now days. 

I am also interested in experiences with flash drives. I would go that route but 

the uncertainty of write cycle life leaves me a little concerned. I can remember 

way back when 10K writes was the norm life, then 100K,  1M, 10M  but just what 
is the write life of these 8-64G USB sticks now and are some better than 
others?  I know you can do things to extend the life but what have real 
experiences been? Has anyone "burned" one of these useless on an nslu2?

I suspect one of the other small arm devices with more RAM might be a better
choice if you were using a flash drive.

 Doug Crompton

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