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Device support - next steps

Hi all,

I've been hacking at a Western Digital Sharespace NAS for a while now and have got device support code that builds/runs happily with the debian squeeze kernel.

I have a problem to sort out that someone on this list may have seen before perhaps - a couple of things refuse to run properly. Namely mdadm and mediatomb.

Some functions of mdadm, one of the scanning modes IIRC, cause glibc to report memory violations and abort the process. Even if avoiding this mode of operation mdadm is not reliable and data on RAID5 volumes becomes corrupt.
Mediatomb starts, segfaults and ends again. So much for using the NAS as a RAID5 media server...

Anyway, everything else I've tried works fine and the box is stably running debian squeeze. I have mirroring with lvm2 now and I'm not convinced one way or another that it's my code that's causing mdadm and mediatomb to fail as I've followed other code templates from the mach-orion5x directory...

So my main question is how to submit my changes upstream?

I have no illusions that debian and d-i will support the sharespace, but I'd like to get my code into the mainline kernel if at all possible, so others can customise their the device without having to go through what I did to get there. I already have an entry in the mach-types file at arm.linux.org.uk. I'm guessing the process is -

build, run, test with bleeding edge kernel.org kernel
create patch file
submit to... someone?

Anyway, advice appreciated,


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