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Re: dpkg: emdebian.org and other machines patched for armhf support

> In essence, I would like to express my objection in having the same triplet
> for both softfp and hard ABIs. I know upstream (ARM) objects, but IMHO they
> just haven't done the extensive compiling I have and didn't consider the
> problems (I doubt anyone else has built ~8000 packages for a hardfloat
> port).

As the relevant upstream maintainer I'll confirm this objection.  In the past 
gcc used to try and guess which config to use based on variants of the 
triplet. In practice this caused more problems than it solved, especially when 
you have a single toolchain that can target multiple variants.

If you want different triplets then I suggest you use the vendor field. e.g 
arm-debian_armel-linux-gnueabi and arm-debian_armhf-linux-gnueabi.


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