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Re: Vt8500

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 6:59 PM, jin&hitman&Barracuda
<jinhitman@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everybody...
> I have some questions about arm iso images on debian site.
> I have a low price netbook. May be you heard it names.
> it's hardware;
> via vt 8500 - 300 Mhz 32 bit Arm926 type (also include in 250 Mhz DSP) Cpu,
> 128Mbyte ddr2 ram and 7" Lcd Screen
> Android 1.7.2 runs on this hardware. But i want change this OS solution.

 this is becoming a very common type of request - not surprising
because you and everyone else sees "android" and, somewhat reasonably,
assumes that it's possible to put alternate OSes on machines very
easily: unfortunately it's not.

 you should first get hold of the GPL kernel sources (and GPL u-boot
sources) from the retailer, otherwise you are into weeks or months of

 then you can tackle the replacing of the OS with ease.

 if the retailer refuses to comply with the GPL, you should notify
gpl-violations.org and go from there.

 i strongly recommend that you also contact chris dibona from google
if they fail to comply, and make waves on the google android alliance
mailing lists.


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