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Re: Bug#600052: gnat-4.4: FTBFS on armel

On 13.10.2010 15:57, Matthias Klose wrote:
On 13.10.2010 13:31, Matthias Klose wrote:
On 13.10.2010 12:23, xavier grave wrote:
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Le 13/10/2010 11:46, Ludovic Brenta a écrit :

For the record, this late in the release cycle I am personally tempted to

resolve this bug by dropping support for armel in all Ada packages. The

buildds have caused us a lot of trouble in the past and Matthias seems to

be the only person willing and able to build manually on armel. If even


needs help, then I'm pessimistic about armel.

Hi everybody,

My two cents : I should receive in a few weeks (around 3/4) some Open-RD
hardware [1]. One of the boxes will be running Debian. As soon as the
Debian runs I propose my help for the Ada part on this platform.

But as Ludovic is pointing, this is late in the release cycle, so may be
my help can only be of some use for the next stable release.

Hope it will help, xavier
[1] http://www.open-rd.org/

well, first I'd like to understand the issue, what goes wrong ...

the ada-acats.diff has some parts related to zcx, which are not built on armel,
so this patch should be split into a generic and a zcx part.

this explains the testsuite failures.

hmm, I'm unable to reproduce the build failure, using gcc-4.4.5-1 as a bootstrap compiler.


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