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Puzzled about build issues of postgresql-8.4 on lenny-backports


 I am wondering wether you got an idea what could be the deal with the
build issue of postgresql-8.4 for lenny-backports. It has built before
but doesn't seem to do so anymore.

 I am not sure if it plays into it, but I think it might had been the
last time that it successful built for lenny-backports when the
backports buildd infrastructure was still external. I am not sure wether
there are any relevant differences in the setup of the lenny-backports
chroots from the external buildd network to the now integrated one, or
if the buildd now happens on a different machine and it might be related
to that ...

 It would be really sweet if you could take a look at it because my
insight into this is unfortunately far too limited to get a clue out of

 Thanks a lot in advance!
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