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Re: Error while building EABI/oldABI compatible arm kernel

>> In examining the type mentioned above, I see that it is defined as 6
>> bytes (actually 5 but I assume it aligns on a 2-byte boundary). So, the
>> question is: how is the compiler (or linker) seeing the structure as
>> having 8 byte entries?

The kbuild machinery for building the linux kernel always leaves behind
a file which contains the actual shell command that was used to 'make'
any [sub-]target that was made successfully.  The name of this extra file
is:  .<target>.cmd .  So if making b43.o was successful (i.e., compiling b43.c
worked), then there will be a file  .b43.o.cmd   which has the shell command
that did it.  Find some succesful compilation of a <driver>.o, and look
at the  .<driver>.o.cmd  file.

Then consult the documentation "info gcc" for:
   _Machine Dependent Options_
   _ARM Options_


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