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armel kernel flavours for armhf, armhf buildd operational

As I want to work on armhf support for the linux kernel packages, and I have 
to add/remove flavours for armhf accordingly, I'd like to know from people 
that know more about this than I do:

which of the current kernel armel flavours are armhf-ready (which have a CPU 
that would support armhf): iop32x, ixp4xx, kirkwood, orion5x, (versatile?)

I'm unsure of what platforms -apart from qemu- versatile runs on, but I think 
I should keep this for armhf as well.

For one, I do plan to add at least one more flavour for armhf, efikamx. The 
kernel patches will not be included, yet as they are too many and too 
intrusive, so we will wait for mainlining them into a more recent version.

BTW, the first armhf buildd is running, stats can be viewed here:


The buildd is running over nbd on a 100Mbps link, the performance is quite 
good actually, I hardly noticed any lag due to the slower link, still I 
haven't got the rest of the buildds online on nbd yet.

As you can see, most packages are uninstallable, due to some dependencies -not 
build-deps, but rather the packages are not -yet- in the debian-ports archive. 
One of them is linux-libc-dev, which I had built from experimental after 
adding basic armhf support. Now I intend to fix that a bit more and upload it 
to the unreleased for armhf. That and a few more packages I'm doing custom 
sbuilds for, before the rest are unlocked for building.

Thanks to Aurelien and Hector for their precious help in setting this up.



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