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Re: Rhythmbox on NSLU2?

+++ Scoot Anyon [2010-08-17 11:32 -0700]:
> Hi guys,
> I'd like to use the slug as a UPNP-compatible audio player so I can play music
> on my stereo with it. Is there any way to get RhythmBox working on the nslu2?
> If not, is there anything that can do what I need?

I run mt-daap and mediatomb on my slug which provides a high-speed
upnp-dscoverable music interface from the slug. This works well with
Rhythmbox on a laptop for example (I don't know how many other players
us[poort the daap interface). It's _much_ faster than simply
samba or NFS exporting the music (which I also do). 

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