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Re: armhf port, repo and simple image available

<snip excellent news>

Hi Konstantinos Margaritis,

Excellent news on your set up of a hard float variant.

The following is a stream of thought set of questions/observations.

I was wondering, do you have any documentation on what you did to create
the variant? As in, create the directory structure... create-cross
tools... download all source by doing... run X programs to batch compile
everything changed..

Or at the very least the set(s) of instructions you followed to create
your build environment.

The reason I ask is that if it were easy(ish) to say set up a local
source and build system, or better still direct source from debian with
local cross compilation, that could be reasonably automated it would
allow debian to also be a "source" distribution.

Now while that may seem at odds with the whole debian ethos of being a
binary distribution, it would allow far greater customisation for
processor/SoC/board variants instead of the position now which is "lets
go for roughly the lowest common denominator object code compatibility."

Also if I've read correctly just as long as you don't mix hard and soft
float then there should be no problem with mixing objects that use say
thumb/neon etc; with objects that don't? It is only the hard/soft float
compiler change that has caused an object incompatibility?

I guess that will do for the questions for now :-)

Thanks in advance.


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