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Re: armhf port, repo and simple image available

On Wednesday 04 August 2010 17:01:18 Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:
> 11. klibc: I modified the source to tune for armv7-a but it still fails to
> build: http://paste.debian.net/82212/ (which as I found, used to occur with
> klibc in ubuntu, LP: #534281). This probably has to do with my older
>  version of linux-libc-dev however, so I won't worry about it much until I
>  upgrade to a newer kernel.

> 14. linux-libc-dev is not available as I haven't worked on kernel builds
>  yet. When needed I used the ubuntu version I already had on the system
>  before (karmic 2.6.31-21.59, should work for most stuff except for the
>  klibc problem).

Ok, I patched linux kernel source packages to add armhf (I used 2.6.35-
rc6~experimental) and even added a -efikamx flavour -dummy for now, no actual 
patches for efikamx, just wanted to play around with the linux kernel 
packaging. After some hours of compiling, I have now all armhf kernel packages 
-and indep packages- incl. linux-libc-dev. These have all gone into the 
freevec.org repository. 

Also, I tried recompiling klibc now _with_ the arm7-a tunes, and it built 

So, that's minus 2 issues yet. The good news with linux-libc-dev is that 
apt-get install build-essential succeeds now.


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