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Linkstation Quad 2.6.34 patch !

Hi All,
I'm plan to compile the new kernel for my Buffalo Linkstation Quad ARM and really need a patch for the kernel 2.6.34, anybody can point me a direction in this.

Since this is the new one in ARM mach_type, I just aware that I need modify these files in source tree to get this done.

edit file: arch/arm/mach-orionx5/Kconfig  ===> add config for menuconfig
edit file: arch/arm/mach-orionx5/Makefile ==> add new setup file to make file - i.e. lsql-setup.o
edit file: arch/arm/tools/mach-types ==> add new mach_type for ls_ql i.e. 3000
add file: arch/arm/mach-kirkwood/lsql-setup.c ==> I don't know whether to start, any body can help?

I get stuck with the last one, the setup file, since I'm newbie to kernel hacking, much appreciated if anybody can point me to the very basic thing about how to write the setup (do I need to open my Linkstation to get the information before I can write a patch for it?).

Thanks and rgds,

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