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Re: Including linaro gcc patches

On Tuesday 20 July 2010 16:52:02 Wookey wrote:
> Doko is happy to include this stuff in the Debian GCC uploads but does
> not want to do it without being asked by the porters. So, does anyone
> see reasons why we shouldn't do this, and would anyone go further by
> sugesting patches sufficiently important and (and safe) that we should
> actually include them in the build?


This is very important for the (future?) port armhf, and I'm especially 
interested in the hardfp patches. Right now I'm forced to use linaro or -
codesourcery 2010q1 until recently- but it would of course help immensely if I 
could just use the same compiler as Debian. 

FWIW, the graphite patches seem to be adding just an extra ounce of 
performance so I'd include them as well -though they aren't linaro-specific, 
just a backport from 4.5, but still.



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