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Re: armelfp: new architecture name for an armel variant

Brian Szymanski wrote:
> This seems like the right move, particularly since int-heavy code won't
> benefit at all from this change. IMHO, what we really want is to take
> advantage of features on more "modern" arm cpus - the user shouldn't
> have to care if that's because of hardfp or thumb-2 or whatever else.
> Suggested arch names: armfast / armfull ?

Could the targeted CPU be used in the name? Ie, armelv7.

FWIW, I've benchmarked a VFP libm to run benchmarks like whetstone 4x
faster than regular armel libm. A VFP Mesa can speed up glxgears by
nearly 2x on some hardware. It would be handy to have VFP versions of
such targeted libraries. In general though VFP is not worth it.

see shy jo

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