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Re: Context Switching is Broken

Hi Herman--

On 06/10/2010 05:12 PM, Herman Swartz wrote:
> Does the CPU support context switching, from looking around I think it does since there is an addon for improving context switching performance of this model of ARM processor.
> JNOS application developer believes there is no support for context switching. Seems to be a kernel issue to me but maybe the make is not finding the library files??

what i understand so far is:

 * you are trying to build some application called jnos

 * you are trying to build it on an ARM device (sheevaplug?) running debian.

 * you are getting errors related to getcontext, setcontext,
makecontext, and swapcontext

Can you produce a minimal piece of code that you feel is misbehaving
based on your reading of the makecontext(3) and getcontext(2) manual pages?

That would help other people on this list who are more experienced help
you figure out where the problem is, and what to do to fix it.


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