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Re: Fwd: Boot Problems

* Brian <brian_dorling@t-online.de> [2010-06-07 21:47]:
> I just want to be able to decide whether to boot from the disk or USB stick,
> only one will be plugged in, in the Disk1 connector.

If you use UUID in /etc/fstab this won't work since the UUID is
specific to the partition and the NSLU2 boot process won't read the
UUID from the stick or disk but from the ramdisk, which will contain
the UUID that was in fstab when you last wrote the kernel to flash.
(In your case obviously the disk since you can boot from that.)

The solution is to use LABEL in /etc/fstab and assign the same label
to the root partitions on the USB stick and disk.  This way, you can
put one in and it'll boot from that.

Martin Michlmayr

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