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Re: Bug#584610: [mips] gcc-4.4 build failure after upgrade to eGLIBC-2.11

On 06.06.2010 00:51, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
On Sat, Jun 05, 2010 at 03:50:51AM +0200, Matthias Klose wrote:
Package: eGLIBC
Version: 2.11.1-2
Severity: serious

gcc-4.4 and gcc-4.5 fail to build after the upgrade to eGLIBC-2.11:


This FTBFS is caused by the following change:

|2009-11-20  Jakub Jelinek<jakub@redhat.com>
|        PR libc/10103
|        * math/math.h: Provide *l long double prototypes redirecting
|        to double functions even when __NO_LONG_DOUBLE_MATH and not
|        __LDBL_COMPAT.
|        * math/complex.h: Likewise.

These functions were present before in the library, but not exported
in the headers. This has been changed as it is required by ISO C99.

GCC tries to find these functions in the GLIBC by compiling a program,
so it was failing before, and is successful now. When they are already
present in the GLIBC it does not re-export them.

Strangely this should also affect ARM, but it seems to build correctly.
I haven't investigated why.

While these functions are strictly not needed in libstdc++6 anymore, we
have two options:
- revert the GLIBC change, which means we break the C99 compatibility
   (as before)
- patch GCC to export these functions anyway.

What's your opinion?

For ARM I did choose the second option, but didn't get any feedback about it. So maybe it's time to ask the mips and arm porters?

The patch applied for armel is:

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