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Re: Yet another magic word problem

* Esben Rugbjerg <esbenrugbjerg@gmail.com> [2010-05-27 23:02]:
> uInitrd I thought that initrd.img and vmlinuz probably was the ones I
> should use instead. However, using these leads to the Bad Magic
> Word....
> Therefore: Where can I find uImage nor uInitrd if they are not on the
> boot partion and not in /boot ?
> Could I use the ones which I used for the installation procedure ?

Debian installer will normally install a tool that will generate the
uImage/uInitrd files from vmlinuz/initrd.img.  This didn't happen in
your case since something went wrong with the installer.  And no, you
cannot use the files for the installer to boot your regular system.

I suggest you perform another installation, possibility choosing
another mirror.  If you still get the same errors, please send
/var/log/syslog from the installer.
Martin Michlmayr

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