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guruplug: uap access point possibilities

hey folks--

i finally got the guruplug i ordered from globalscale technologies.  It
ships with debian lenny plus a special kernel, which is nice.  I'm
curious about what's not quite in debian yet, though:

 * there appears to be a special driver (uap8xxx.ko) for the "micro
access point" -- the ability to run the wireless device in access point

> 0 moo:~# modinfo /root/uap8xxx.ko 
> filename:       /root/uap8xxx.ko
> license:        GPL
> version:        26146
> author:         Marvell International Ltd.
> description:    M-UAP Driver
> srcversion:     D1A65BE4BDACD8EF8515A34
> alias:          sdio:c*v02DFd9104*
> depends:        
> vermagic:       2.6.32-00007-g56678ec preempt mod_unload ARMv5 
> parm:           helper_name:Helper name (charp)
> parm:           fw_name:Firmware name (charp)
> 0 moo:~# 

 * there is a corresponding userspace utility /usr/bin/uaputl, which
enables setting of certain features of that driver.

> 0 moo:~# /usr/bin/uaputl --help
> uaputl.exe - uAP utility ver 1.12
> Usage:
> 	uaputl.exe [options] <command> [command parameters]
> Options:
> 	--help	Display help
> 	-v	Display version
> 	-i <interface>
> 	-d <debug_level=0|1|2>
> Commands:
> 	sys_config			Set/get uAP's profile
> 	sys_info			Display system info
> 	sys_reset			Reset uAP
> 	bss_start			Start the BSS
> 	bss_stop			Stop the BSS
> 	sta_deauth			Deauth client
> 	sta_list			Display list of clients
> 	sys_cfg_ap_mac_address		Set/get uAP mac address
> 	sys_cfg_ssid			Set/get uAP ssid
> 	sys_cfg_beacon_period		Set/get uAP beacon period
> 	sys_cfg_dtim_period		Set/get uAP dtim period
> 	sys_cfg_channel			Set/get uAP radio channel
> 	sys_cfg_scan_channels		Set/get uAP radio channel list
> 	sys_cfg_rates			Set/get uAP rates
> 	sys_cfg_rates_ext		Set/get uAP rates (extended)
> 	sys_cfg_tx_power		Set/get uAP tx power
> 	sys_cfg_bcast_ssid_ctl		Set/get uAP broadcast ssid
> 	sys_cfg_preamble_ctl		Get uAP preamble
> 	sys_cfg_antenna_ctl		Set/get uAP tx/rx antenna
> 	sys_cfg_rts_threshold		Set/get uAP rts threshold
> 	sys_cfg_frag_threshold		Set/get uAP frag threshold
> 	sys_cfg_radio_ctl		Set/get uAP radio on/off
> 	sys_cfg_tx_data_rate		Set/get uAP tx rate
> 	sys_cfg_mcbc_data_rate		Set/get uAP MCBC rate
> 	sys_cfg_rsn_replay_prot		Set/get RSN replay protection
> 	sys_cfg_pkt_fwd_ctl		Set/get uAP packet forwarding
> 	sys_cfg_sta_ageout_timer		Set/get station ageout timer
> 	sys_cfg_auth			Set/get uAP authentication mode
> 	sys_cfg_protocol		Set/get uAP security protocol
> 	sys_cfg_wep_key			Set/get uAP wep key
> 	sys_cfg_cipher			Set/get uAP WPA/WPA cipher
> 	sys_cfg_wpa_passphrase		Set/get uAP WPA or WPA2 passphrase
> 	sys_cfg_group_rekey_timer		Set/get uAP group re-key time
> 	sys_cfg_max_sta_num		Set/get uAP max station number
> 	sys_cfg_retry_limit		Set/get uAP retry limit number
> 	sys_cfg_custom_ie			Set/get custom IE configuration
> 	sta_filter_table		Set/get uAP mac filter
> 	regrdwr				Read/Write register command
> 	memaccess			Read/Write to a memory address command
> 	rdeeprom			Read EEPROM 
> 	cfg_data			Get/Set configuration file from/to firmware
> 	sys_debug			Set/Get debug parameter
> 	sys_cfg_80211d			Set/Get 802.11D info
> 	uap_stats			Get uAP stats
> 	powermode			Set/get uAP power mode
> 	coex_config			Set/get uAP BT coex configuration
> For more information on the usage of each command use:
> 	uaputl.exe <command> --help
> 0 moo:~# 

I haven't sorted out the source for either of these things, but i found
links referring to maybe-source of the kernel module at least here:

> http://plugcomputer.org/plugforum/index.php?action=printpage;topic=1648.0

Any thoughts on whether this uap business might make it into debian?

Happy Hacking,


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