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Re: Alignement on ARM

OoO Peu  avant le  début de  l'après-midi du samedi  07 mars  2009, vers
13:03, je disais:

> lldpd, a program of  my own, available on https://trac.luffy.cx/lldpd/ ;,

Hi again!

I  have  another  alignment  problem   on  ARM  (still  not  related  to
Debian). Since I did get valuable help here last year, I try again. :)

This time, a user of mine is getting this message when compiling:

interfaces.c: In function `iface_minimal_checks':
interfaces.c:421: warning: cast increases required alignment of target type

The corresponding code is :

static int
iface_minimal_checks(struct lldpd *cfg, struct ifaddrs *ifa)
	struct sockaddr_ll *sdl;
	sdl = (struct sockaddr_ll *)ifa->ifa_addr;
	if (sdl->sll_hatype != ARPHRD_ETHER || !sdl->sll_halen)
		return 0;

ifa->ifa_addr  is  "struct  sockaddr"  and  I can  understand  that  the
alignment  may be  less than  "struct sockaddr_ll".  For example,  if my
"struct sockaddr" is  8-bit aligned but not 16-bit  aligned, then when I
try  to use  it  as "struct  sockaddr_ll"  which requires  to be  16-bit
aligned, I  get an unaligned  access. I could  use a memcpy but  I think
this is not the right way.

The user  reporting the error  is using some  old uclibc which  does not
define getifaddrs() nor struct  ifaddrs. Therefore, I have reimplemented
getifaddrs()   and  I   declare  struct   ifaddrs  as   it   appears  in
/usr/include/ifaddrs.h (using struct sockaddr  for ifa_addr). I see that
there  is some  internal  datatype called  struct sockaddr_storage  that
tries to deal with alignment issues. Is it the key to my problem?

I have also warnings in my (stolen) implementation of getifaddrs().

My getifaddrs() implementation:
My struct ifaddrs declaration:
The location of the warning:

Crosspost to  my address  would be appreciated.  Thanks for any  help on
BOFH excuse #209:
Only people with names beginning with 'A' are getting mail this week (a la Microsoft)

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