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Re: SS4000E IOP and DMA

Andrushka <andrusha@gmail.com> writes:

> Hello.

> I have SS4000E device.
> 1.
> Starting from 2.6.32 kernel, has DMA (Direct Memory Access) for this platform.
> Is it possible get Debian image with 2.6.32 kernel ?
> With enabled DMA upload\download speed will increase in several times.
> Tests show 12 MBytes/sec for NFS on SS4000E (ALT Linux Distro).

Can you please clarify a little bit what's special in the 2.6.32 about
dma on ss4000e ? For instance, iirc, the iop-adma driver has been added
in the kernel at the same time as the iop-adma driver.

> 2.
> I want to install Debian on external Flash Device. Howto configure
> RedBoot on SS4000E to boot each time from USB device ?

hm.. I'm not sure that redboot on ss4000e is supporting usb
devices. You'll have to either wait for someone else telling you it
supports usb and how to do it or check by yourself.
Nevertheless, you can still put a kernel with usb support built-in in
the ss4000e flash and change the kernel command line to boot on usb.


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