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Re: Alternative to using USB-Stick as mass storage on NSLU2

John Holland wrote

> You could use a 2.5" HDD. The Momentus has a typical usage specified @
> 1.5W seek and .7W idle.

Thanks for pointing out the low energy consumption of modern 2.5" HDs.
Since others mentioned that SD is even less suitable for my purpose, I
think I'll go that route.

Can anybody recommend a specific model of an external 2.5" drive that
works well with a slug under Debian (Lenny armel), preferably USB-powered
so I don't need an extra power supply?

I've read a lot on nslu2-linux.org about spindown issues with HDs
connected to a slug. Since my slug is logging data continuously 24/7, I
guess I shouldn't let the HD spin down at all. Is that assumption correct?

Regards, Richard

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