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Re: Alternative to using USB-Stick as mass storage on NSLU2

On 18 February 2010 14:49,  <u7l11ey@mail.lrz-muenchen.de> wrote:

> I don't really want to use a harddisk because that would mean a manifold
> increase in energy consumption of the system, which now uses <<10W. Are
> there any brands of USB sticks that other users can recommend that are
> more resilient? Or what mass storage device can you recommend that uses as
> little power as possible?

As already suggested, an USB 2.5" HD could consume an acceptable
amount of energy...

> I've also been thinking about getting a SheevaPlug or its newly announced
> successor GuruPlug and using the internal SD card as mass storage. Does SD
> have less problems that USB sticks when used instead of a harddisk, or
> would I run into the same issues?

SDs are not good from this point of view; if you refer to the flash
disk inside the sheeva, I don't know how many write cycles it's
supposed to stand, but if it breaks then you can't change it.
Moreover, it's only 512M I think, not really much for a debian
OTOH, 512M of ram could let you mount many directories as tmpfs,
avoiding disk writes altogether.



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