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CT-PC89E ARM S3C6410 netbook: status update Mon 8Feb10 14:00

ok - adam's going back to visit the factory tomorrow, to collect the
20 netbooks.  by unpacking them from the (2kg!) cardboard boxes and
putting them in bubblewrap instead, he can just reach the 1kg target.
he reckons he'll have them all packed by thursday, which means that
most people will have the machines within 2-3 days of that.  also, we
heard that there is a U.S. company that has placed a large order for
the machines, which is fantastic news, because it secures a future for
this very new design.

they're using the lovely MOS (from mid-fun) which is GTK-based, we
have nooo details right now but it looks gnome-ish or
enlightenment-ish: http://mid-fun.com is entiirely chinese, no english
language, and no links to GPL source code downloads, either, whoops.
a large order will sort that out.

also just so you know, when he's there, adam's going to have a look
around, see if he can find any $2 usb webcams and $3 USB GPS dongles


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