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anyone interested in grouping together to get better pricing than $130 on ARM 7in Netbooks?

i have a friend who is buying some ARM 7in netbooks that are rumoured
to be so all-the-rage, we're kinda fed up with all the hype and want
to see if these manufacturers actually deliver.  so i'm making the
assumption that people on debian-arm might be interested, and so i
wanted to let you know, in case anyone wanted to participate in a
group order, thus getting the price down.  the best spec'd / priced
one i've found so far is called the 7000E.  in lovely dreadful
"enlish" they tell us that:

* screen is 7in 800x480
* CPU is a Samsung S3C6410XH-66 which is 667mhz and an ARM11 core
* god knows what "right DSP" support is in their lovely "enlish"
* 256mb of DDR1 RAM
* 2gb of NAND flash
* the operating system is "Lunix" with 2.6.24 kernel
* WIFI is 802.11b/g
* 3x USB2 ports
* SD Card slot
* there's a "build-in" external microphone and "build-in" speakers
* battery is 1800mAh and its "Last Time" is 3 hours

oh, and it has a standard "enlish" 84 key keyboard.

now, whilst the sample price is $130, the 500 quantity drops i think
to around $120.  my friend is going to speak to the manufacturer
especially in light of the recent slashdot article about $100 ARM9
netbooks and see if he can get them to bring the price down further.
VAT obviously.  7.4% customs duty.

also, just so you know: i'll be buying at least one of these to give
to anyone willing to port debian onto it (they're that cheap, duh).
it already has some sort of random linux distro on it but it would be
nice to have it done as a "proper" debian HOWTO etc. etc.

do email me if you're interested in participating - my friend is
emailing them *monday* 1st feb, he'd like to have numbers to negotiate
better rates, by then.  chinese new year is 7th.  factories pretty
much shut down until end of february.  so, we need to get orders in
now, or it'll happen in four weeks time otherwise.


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