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Re: system time 20% too fast on QNAP TS-210

On 25.01.2010, at 04:42, Lennert Buytenhek wrote:

On Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 08:09:53PM +0100, Adi wrote:

I installed debian lenny on a QNAP TS-210, but discovered, that the
system time is 20% too fast. The kernel also set the BogoMIPS wrong
(20% too low)

Any idea, if I messed something up or if this is a bug?

What does

	dmesg | grep TCLK=

[    0.260000] Kirkwood: MV88F6281-Rev-Unsupported, TCLK=166666667.

Does serial work at the right baud rate, if you've tried that?
I measured following Baud rates (with a scope hooked up to the serial connector)
Boot: 138.9 kBaud (should be 115200 Baud)
test with 9600 Baud, resulted in 11630 Baud
-> again 20% too high
(which is also the explanation why qcontrol does not work)

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