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Re: 2.6.32 orion5x kernels not working on Linkstation Pro

* Ryan Tandy <tarpman@gmail.com> [2009-12-29 17:03]:
> I have a Linkstation Pro here that's been running Debian kernels,
> orion5x flavour, since 2.6.28 or so.  With 2.6.32 I haven't been able to
> get a kernel to boot.  I've tried each of the 2.6.32-trunk-orion5x
> revisions that has been released so far.  Restored the backed-up
> uImage.buffalo and initrd.buffalo of 2.6.31-1 and it's fine again.
> I don't have serial access and the uboot doesn't have netconsole
> enabled, so I haven't been able to view the boot messages.  Logfiles
> (e.g. dmesg.log) aren't being touched, so I guess it isn't getting as
> far as mounting /.

I believe this has been fixed in the latest upload.  Would you mind
trying again?
Martin Michlmayr

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