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Re: I need fast ARM Hardware for native compile

> Hardcore-Solution:
> Move /var /usr /home
> to separate partitions on an external harddrive. They eat usually most of the
> space. You just have to add them properly in the /etc/fstab , which is easy,
> and on average a 4 to 8 GB USB stick is sufficient to hold those partitions -
> or, as many suggested, use a USB Harddrive.
> when you want tohave it the funny way, you can also just use a FAT32 harddrive
> or an EXT3 harrdrive and mount that, and on it create files, format those
> files with a suitable filesystem and then mount them.
> 4GB for /var should be quite sufficient, which is the largest filesize for a
> FAT32 harddrive.

I do something like that but for more flexibility I make a big partition
on the external, set it up in fstab (and mount -a to mount and test),
and then make symlinks-

  for d in var usr home; do rsync -aHx /$d /big/. && mv /$d /$d.old &&
ln -s /big/$d /.; done

Once you confirm everything is still working fine and you didn't break
reboot etc
you can rm -Rf /*.old

This way you get flexibility for /home or /usr or /var to grow without
the complexity of LVM (which can be a headache if you have to
do any recovery)

Also for better read performance use opt noatime when mounting

Best Regards.

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