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Re: I need fast ARM Hardware for native compile

Benjamin Andreas wrote:
2010/1/13 John Winters <john@sinodun.org.uk <mailto:john@sinodun.org.uk>>

    Benjamin Andreas wrote:
     > I have a Sheevaplug My Plug have Debian in the internal NAND Flash
     > My Problem is 512 MB Flash is very small because i need a lot of
    Dev tools

    Why not attach an external USB HDD and move your /usr partition to that?
It it enough to move /usr partition? what is with /var or something like that

I don't know - only you can say how much disk space you need.

What I've done is to attach an external HDD and set it up as one large LVM physical volume. Then I've allocated space on it as and when it's turned out to be needed. /home is on there, obviously, and some other things.


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