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Debian Installer use GPT partition but Uboot does not recognize it ?


I tried to re-install debian on an internal 2.5" drive but it seems
the installer partition the drive using a GPT partition with type "ee"

If I start the Debian installation which is on the external SATA
drive, it works and it can see the data on the internal 2.5" drive.

But the Uboot does not understand the "ee" partition and I cannot boot
into my newly installed system ...

I think I partitionned the external SATA drive on a PC before I
innstalled debian on it.

Am I missing something with Uboot ?

Marvell>> version

U-Boot 1.1.4 (Oct 27 2009 - 21:57:24) Marvell version: 3.4.19



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