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Re: Disk LEDs on the SS4000e

Hi Arnaud,

>> Does anyone know if the disk leds on the ss4000e are supposed to work
>> with squeeze? Mine don't. Can't tell if the disks are busy synching or
>> if the device is frozen as I can't ping or ssh. I remember with the
>> original firmware it was unresponsive too but then the disk leds at
>> least told you someone was home.
> You may want to patch your kernel with theses patches :
> http://git.rtp-net.org/?p=ss4000e.git;a=blob;f=f75111.patch;h=facac5f0850df161a51682a64c30aeca4a39f159;hb=HEAD
> http://git.rtp-net.org/?p=ss4000e.git;a=blob;f=add_f75111_pdata.patch;h=108c4853a7f2b76ce76a2fbd5cb1f14d61d5beb5;hb=HEAD

Has this been merged into as the tsl2550 driver? Would it be ok
to download the latest kernel and just cross compile that?



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