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Re: [Fwd: Howto (active-backup) bonding eth0 and wlan0 (was Re: nslu2: two ethernets: one by default)]

Tobias Frost wrote:
> Once I tried with a LaFonera to archieve the same, wasting a day or so.
> The result was, as soon as I turned on encryption, it stop working.
> So I *think*, that the AP / WPA checks or uses the MAC address of the
> frame for encryption or to check if the packages are legitimate.

I have seen reports of it working. Digging around, I found this:
The suggestion of using ifmetric could be worth trying.
This is linked from comments to this article:
The latter article is written by me. I used bonding on a server that had
two wired connections on a 100MBit network. I've never tried with wireless.

Your switch/router doesn't need support for bonding. Not unless you want
it to load balance incoming packets across both interfaces.


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