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Re: Cannot find init after debian install with squeeze

* mark@jumpingbean.co.za <mark@jumpingbean.co.za> [2010-01-04 23:20]:
> Following my last post I have copied the full error message I get. I can
> mount /dev/md0 find under the shell provided and there is  a /sbin/init so
> I assume the initrd image has some kind of mapping wrong for the root
> partition. /dev/sda2 is a swap partition.

I didn't follow the thread... did you by any chance get a hang during
debian-installer at "Configuring flash memory to boot the system: 33%"?

The reason I ask is because I think you may have hit #558823.  This
would explain what you see (because the script will assume sda2 as
root device when it cannot find the UUID).

Martin Michlmayr

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