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Re: What was installed? (was: NSLU2 with lenny armel: segfaults with filesystem commands (ls, cp, mv))

The file you want is /var/lib/dpkg/status (or failing that status-old which is the previous version).
It's a text file divided into sections by blank lines. Each section should start with a 'Package:' line naming the package and then shold contain a 'Status:' line like 'Status: install ok installed' (or 'Status: purge ok not-installed', etc).
Manual editing could take ages, so I'd use a scripting language to generate a series of installation commands. e.g.
perl -ne 'if(/^Package: (.+)$/){$p=$1};if(/^Status: (.+) installed$/){print qq{apt-get install },$p,qq{\n};}' < /var/lib/dpkg/status

Of course, you could just take it as an opportunity to only install packages you want.
2009/12/1 <u7l11ey@mail.lrz-muenchen.de>

it turned out that the segfaults that where happening with certain
filesystem commands on my NSLU2 were most likely caused by a faulty USB
flash stick after all. More and more errors started happening, so I
finally couldn't deny that possibility any longer.

Some parts of the filesystem on that stick are still readable, but my slug
won't boot from it any more. I bought a new one and am just finishing a
fresh Debian install. Is there a way to find out what which software
packages were installed on the old stick, by reading certain files? If so,
which files must I look for, and how can I extract that info from them?

Regards, Richard

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