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Emergency telnet?


[cc:s welcome, I'm not on the list.]

With the kind help of tbm, I'm currently fooling around with my new QNAP 419 
NAS (cool device :-)

Since I don't have a serial console: has anybody already written a 'set 
fixed IP and start telnetd' kind of thing that would run at the end of 
initrd when the rootdev couldn't be mounted?  (I've run into a yet to be 
debugged issue while trying to set up RAID 1 as root dev.  Debugging with 1 
bit output -- does or doesn't boot -- is a bit tedious...)

Or is there a network console kind of thing?

(Last project I did on embedded was ages ago and I had serial and jtag and 

-- vbi

featured link: http://www.pool.ntp.org

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