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Re: CESA kernel module

* Martin Michlmayr | 2009-11-24 18:05:29 [+0000]:

>* Karsten K?nig <remur@gmx.net> [2009-11-23 19:50]:
>> Well now I want to use it finally, how do I see if it actually
>> works?  mkfs.ext3 is much faster on the unencrypted partition, on
>> the encrypted partition now mv_crypto is up to ~40% cpu usage, so I
>> guess it is running but still very slow, or am I mistaken? Is
>> mkfs.ext3 a "bad benchmark" and normal file copy operations will
>> behave better?

You should perform better with the driver than with pure software. On my
hardware the performance is almost equal with 128bit keys and the hw
wins slightly with larger keys e.g. 256bit.

>I don't think you can expect a lot of speed from the current CESA
>driver, see:
>I'm copying the author of the driver so he can comment on the current
>status and plans.
I've posted basic DMA patches and it wasn't much faster. I got a little
sad. However, I try to work on them and complete it.


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