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Re: page allocation failures in mv643xx_eth_poll (was Re: Swapper problems?)

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Frode E. Moe wrote:
> Did anyone figure this one out? I'm getting these regularly on
> my Sheevaplug.

Unfortunately, no; I've been asking about this for years, both on the
NSLU2 and the SheevaPlug, but never really got much in the way of a

I *think* it's a bug that's causing it to spuriously trigger an
out-of-memory condition under high load situations --- possibly it's
running out of free pages but is in some state that's preventing it from
discarding used pages to make more?

Right now I have overcommit turned off on my SheevaPlug, which seems to
make it a bit happier, but I've been unable to do any scientific tests.

> I have a cron job that runs every 4 hours running
> tar to create a ~1.5gb backup file.

Totally irrelevantly, I use rsnapshot to make my backups --- it's
awesome and I would highly recommend it, and it works beautifully on the
SheevaPlug. (It's basically a very small shell script that implements
Apple's Time Machine using rsync.)

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