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Upgrading kernel on Sheevaplug requires SD card to be removed and re-inserted

I reported earlier problems when I first upgraded the kernel on my
Sheevaplug (running from an 8G SDHC card).  After the new kernel had
been installed (and flash-kernel run manually) the plug wouldn't boot.

That time I moved the card to a different machine, renamed back to the
old kernel and booted successfully.  The odd thing was, when I reversed
the process (again removing the card) I found I could boot the new
kernel too.

I've just upgraded to the latest 2.6.30-2 and again, the machine
wouldn't boot the new kernel.  I'm trying to cut down the recovery
process to a minimum.  What I did this time was:

Move card to laptop
Rename to old kernel
Card back to plug
Boot old kernel (2.6.30-1)
Rename back to new kernel
Re-boot and all is hunky

It seems to be something to do with either needing the card to be
physically removed from the box before it will boot a new kernel
(firmware caching part of the kernel image?) or the need for a rename.


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