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FSG-3 getting lenny up and running


I have a FSG-3, a couple years ago I bricked it and about a year ago I
managed to fix it by completing the last step of
and then moving on with that guide. (That did install a custom etch, if
I understand corretly).

For the last 24 hours I have tried to upgrade this to debian lenny.
Following a general upgrade guide I have managed to upgrade everything
but the kernel. This is good.

I would really like to update the kernel though as newer versions
include better wireless drivers and support for the leds on the device.

I have tried to compile one (the latest release from kernel.org,
2.6.31?) and I am currently compiling from the debian-lenny sources
(2.6.26). Compiling the kernel.org one exited with some kind of error
(unfortunately I didnt keep them).

This second go had the same result (and again I didnt save the exact
error, but it had something to do with vgacon.o.

I have two questions:
- when configuring the kernel do I have to chose anything else than the
ixp4xx-hardware and then the FSG-target?
- how do I go about loading the new kernel?

Ofc, if you need any specific information (about my hardware, or errors)
I am more than glad to give you that (if you tell me how to get it).


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