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Re: apt stopped working on my qnap ts-209

Hi Frederico, 

On Sunday 18 October 2009, Federico Briata wrote:
> > nas:~#  strace -f apt-get update 2>/dev/null
> > Ign http://people.debian.org lenny Release.gpg
> > Ign http://people.debian.org lenny/main Translation-en_US
> > ...
> > Fetched 2261B in 5s (449B/s)
> > Reading package lists... Done
> >
> > I consider this a very special kind of humour. Is there anything I can do
> > to solve this issue?
> Hi, maybe you loose some dependence.
> Try to update with aptitude instead apt-get

Thanks for this hint. 

After installing a new kernel (2.6.30-2-orion5x) apt-get runs smooth again. 


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