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Re: Upgrading SheevaPlug's U-Boot to version 3.4.19

2009/10/11 Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com>:
> Marvell made a new version of U-Boot for the SheevaPlug available last
> month. This version, 3.4.19, integrates SD card support and improves
> support for FAT32 USB partitions (although USB support in general is
> still a bit flaky).
I tried that version some weeks ago, and I still could not manage to
load images from the only usb stick I own (8GB Datatravel from
Kingston). I tried running u-boot only from RAM.

I also tried to compile in the reiserfs support, and I did not
succeed. After some patching, I got the u-boot built, but the reiserfs
commands did not success showing or loading any of the files I had in
a reiserfs stored in a SD card.

For my use case, I have not noticed any improvement against the 3.4.16
with the SD card support someone built in, but I have quite a limited
use case.


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