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QNAP TS-409 users read - serious problem found

If you're running Debian on a QNAP TS-409, please read.  If you use
a TS-109 or TS-209, this problem doesn't apply to you.

Nick Engel and some other people reported that their TS-409 would
not boot after upgrading Debian stable's 2.6.26 kernel to something
newer.  We finally found the cause of this problem and it was
something really stupid.  If you're running 2.6.29 or 2.6.30 on
your machine without any problems, you can ignore this email because
you're not affected.

Anyway... so while my installation page correctly refers to the TS-409
installer, there was a wrong reference on my TS-409 recovery page: it
refered to the TS-209 kernel rather than the TS-409 kernel.  The TS-209
2.6.26 kernel sort of works on TS-409 but newer kernels don't, so your
machine won't boot anymore when you upgrade!  The simple fix is to
change from the TS-209 kernel to the TS-409 in case you're running the
wrong kernel.

How to test?  Run
    grep Hardware /proc/cpuinfo
If it says TS-409 you're fine.  If it says TS-109/TS-209, please
contact me and I'll send you a fix.

Thanks and sorry for this problem!
Martin Michlmayr

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